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India Post Question and Answer           

The types of questions you pose to us represent some of the common uncertainties among Hindus -- especially Hindus educated and living in the West. It was to educate Hindus about authentic Hinduism that The Vedic Foundation was formed. In addition, it was to precisely address these types of questions logically, scientifically and scripturally that "The True History and the Religion of India" was written. Although the book is extremely concise it requires reading all 800 pages to fully understand the answers to these questions.

There are many organizations and institutions working on the history of India in
the East as well as the West. Why another organization, The Vedic Foundation?
The Vedic Foundation is bringing forth the history of India as directly described in the Bhartiya scriptures. Having found inaccuracies in college and school text books and printed materials about the history and the religion of India, it was researched and discovered how this misinformation has been spread around the world (described in detail in "The True History and the Religion of India" Part I, Chapter 3). Many organizations follow these biased interpretations of western writers.
"The True History and the Religion of India"
The Vedic Foundation’s educational programs focus on correcting this misinformation, clearing confusion and dispelling myths that many of us hold about our history and religion.
Why does The Vedic Foundation want to provide an authentic form of Hinduism and to become a definitive resource for Hinduism in the West only and not in the East?
Although The Vedic Foundation is working in the western countries, in India our institution Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat is vigorously establishing the greatness of Hinduism and showing the path to God in through our many preachers. The Vedic Foundation is just one part of the entire mission.
How can religious persons explain the history of India authentically without
any scientific and universally accepted principles?
“Science” as we understand it in the West is only a measurement and analysis of physical matter, thus incapable of measuring or documenting Divinity. Scientific discoveries and knowledge that have been accumulated so far are continuously shifting and changing. Even as we speak, scientists are making new discoveries and continuously modifying, revisiting or abandoning current theories of physical reality. The same is true for historians who base entire theories and timelines on very small and isolated findings.
In contrast, our Vedic science details the origin of life and scientifically explains the twelve phases of creation, the functioning of the planetary system, the absolute age of the sun, the earth planet and much, much more. For detailed information, read Part II, Chapter 4 of "The True History and the Religion of India".
You claim that the Hindu religion was first revealed 155.52 trillion years ago.
What about the age of the Sanskrit language?
Sanskrit is the language of the Divine world.
Sanskrit is the language of the Divine world. When the scriptures were revealed in this brahmand 155.52 trillion years ago Sanskrit language and its grammar were also revealed along with them. Sanskrit has been in its perfect form since the very beginning – it has not had a single ‘sound shift’ or a change in the vowel system or any addition in its grammar or change in the formation of words.
Its perfection is the every evidence that it was not man-made but a Divine gift. “The six unmatched features of the Sanskrit language” in "The True History and the Religion of India" describes this topic further.
How would the Foundation tackle it’s assertion of Divine dimension when
it has no acceptability among the historians in the East or in the West?
Atheistic historians are always prone to damage Hinduism. In our scriptures we also have the provision for such people. They should try to be honest and pious in their behavior and open minded to accept a logical view and slowly start to begin to accept the Graciousness of God. That’s what the book is for to reveal the true authentic aspect of Hinduism for every soul of the world.
Our Foundation is presenting and supporting what was and has always been the greatness of India...”the spiritual wisdom of ancient India” which has since been diluted and obscured by the conquest of India by foreign rulers.
Historians who do not accept assertions of Divinity are not examining all the evidences of our scriptures and the practical experiences of Saints that made the existence of the Divine abundantly obvious.
How would you prove that Hindu scriptures were created by God Himself?
The answer to this question is in the very first page of the introduction to "The True History and the Religion of India" itself.
But in short we have three kinds of evidence regarding the Divinity of our scriptures, documentary (scriptural), inferential and empirical. First, the scriptures themselves document their origin. Second, considering the depth, extensiveness, preciseness and perfection of scriptural knowledge, it can be inferred that they are Divine. And thirdly, Saints perceive the Divine glory and form of their beloved God all the time. These Saints witness the Divinity and authenticate the Divineness of our scriptures through their own experience.
How do you declare the Bhagwatam as the total knowledge of the entire Indian scriptures?
The Bhagwatam was the last revelation of Ved Vyas 5,000 years ago in which he revealed the richest philosophy of God, God’s love and God realization. The Bhagwatam explains the total history of this brahmand and its creation as well as the Divine love form of God, Shree Krishn, in a way that was not fully described in any other scripture. So not only does it incorporate all the Divine philosophies within itself it also adds to it the greatness of Divine love.
How does the Foundation propose to set the record straight on some of the unusual accounts of the Puranas?
This particular question is specifically answered in detail in Part II, chapter 2, pages 611-628 of "The True History and the Religion of India".
The first rule of thumb in approaching any Divine knowledge is to understand it was revealed by God for the upliftment of the soul. All of the stories in the Puranas are educative. They teach about the true nature of this world, the force of worldly attractions, the futility of worldly pleasures, how kind and Gracious God is and how he has Graced and saved His devotees and given them His vision and eternal happiness. Sadly, the Divine glory of this knowledge has been so discounted by misrepresentation and wrong translations, that it is generally viewed as “myths” or “imaginations.”
The Puranas describe (1) the process of the creation and evolution of this universe, (2) the accounts of Sages, Rishis, Saints and other Divine personalities, and (3) the descensions of supreme God in this brahmand. The aim of Vedic Foundation is to help elevate this knowledge to its original and true status so as Hindus we may positively benefit from its knowledge.
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